Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gertrude, so far

Basie, as seen in Second Life
In a moment of stupidity and panic I named the Scrivener file for my NaNoWriMo novel "Gertrude." And, so far, that's still its name.

At about 1000 words in, I realized I was picking up my main character from a previous novel only she now has a new name. Her previous name was Stacy. In this novel she's Basie and she has a partner. Previously she was single.

How do characters do that? How do they go on living and changing even though the author has nothing to do with it? Sometimes I feel like I'm dipping my head into an alternate universe. And I like it!

Anyway, Basie is one of my surprise characters in that she's a pretty normal kind of person with no real distinguishing features except that she's psychic and she can time travel. She also gets assignments to go places from a mysterious source which has yet to be revealed. And yet she looks just like someone you might see at the supermarket. Ya know, normal. Ordinary. My other characters have a step or walk or manner or wear big hats and black clothes or wear things from a junk pile. Basie/Stacy wears jeans and boots and tee shirts. And she's too nice for her own good.

I am so digging this! How could anyone NOT do NaNoWriMo? It's so much fun.

"Gertrude, so far" is a fantasy novel that might turn into an adventure mystery story and will certainly change its title.
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