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Uncle Tauber's Trunk

A retired writer and a young CIA researcher riddle out the contents of an old German trunk. Uncle Tauber, a mild mannered uncle-to-everyone, has died leaving his friend, Joachim Fisher, to take care of his things, in particular an old wooden trunk. The clues contained inside send Fisher on a journey through ordinary space and time as well as unordinary space and time. Pursued by Terlana Jones, the CIA researcher, and other friendly enemies, he races against time to find a way back to the peace and happiness of his old life without getting dragged into the complexities of interstellar conflict.

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Novels In Progress

  • Cosmic Control: Bronwen’s First Age. An epic science fiction fantasy about the struggles of one woman to live a quiet life even though the intergalactic government has other plans. 
  • Arcana. A time-traveling mystic gets dragged into a family chase to decipher the treasure map woven into an old oriental rug. 
  • From the Isles of Orion. A medieval fantasy about the orphaned daughter of a local king who fights to protect the true intergalactic origins of her family and their benevolent rule. 
  • Cosmic Control: The Prime Locus Learns Something. Book Two in the Cosmic Control Series. Bronwen must strike a balance between control of the gifteds and control by the intergalactic government. 
  • The Pathbreaker Agent. A time traveling mystic and her boyfriend help repel an invasion of the ruthless planet-destroying Pathbreakers.
  • They Came from the Red Mist. Parallel Lauren’s are repeatedly abducted by the evil Pathbreakers to ensure universal domination. Ted, Lauren’s husband, works with FBI chronometrists to bring her back. Meanwhile, a time traveling alien has his own agenda for Lauren.
  • Cosmic Control: Defeat of the UnRegs. Soul twins, separated before birth, are born in different universes with parallel time lines, which should have guaranteed they would never meet. And in a normal world they wouldn't have. However, the Prime Locus is tampering with the time lines again and the twins are needed to thwart his conspiracy to destroy the power of gifteds. (A bit more here.)

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