Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goals for finishing this year's novel

The official count is in: 56255. That's what I managed to write before the deadline and the word updater was turned off in my time zone. I continue to write with a final goal of 70,000 words because this seems a goodly amount of words to find the ending. Few NaNoWriMo participants arrive at the end of the story with 50,000 words. I wasn't one of them.

I believe I have found the ending. Sometimes it is like being in Wonderland as I start down the path to the end and the path wriggles and disappears into the forest. Characters become recalcitrant, things move from their intended location, and odd technical story stuff happens. However, I persist and am using this blog to publicly post my goal of 2000 per day (or around there averaged out) until reaching goal.

Red days are zero word
days. Yellow and orange are
low word days when I wrote
less than 1667 words.
This has worked before. I hope it works again. The holidays are crap writing times so I'll skip writing until after the new year, once I achieve 70K. Which means I need to arrive at the goal by around the 12th. After that life gets weird until the 1st of January.

Glad to see that each year I have fewer zero word days. This year there were only four. Having a stretch goal really helped. Also, it sometimes takes me 600 words or even 1000 to get into the groove.

I might return here periodically to update my word count. I will definitely post when I reach 70,000 or something close to it.

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