Thursday, August 25, 2011

Checking In

Those mountainous shapes give me the urge to cut.
I have the urge to cut up my old works and make something else out of them—collages or montages or perhaps even sculptures. They're just sitting around here doing nothing. Most of them are languishing unseen in stacks. The urge was brought on by seeing the image at right from my other blog. I was reviewing the "My 365 Project" page and there it was.

I did think about doing a weekly archive summation post but that isn't working.

I edited a bit of my fourth novel yesterday. I am a swooper. Kurt Vonnegut said there are basically two ways to write: pounding and swooping. Pounders work on a sentence at a time, pounding away until it's perfect and then move on to the next one. Swoopers write the whole thing and then swoop through it repeatedly until it's done. I'm pretty sure pounding won't work for a speed written novel, like I the ones I write during NaNoWriMo.

And speaking of National Novel Writing Month, the noises are already being made in preparation for this year. I am considering not writing a novel this year because I already have five drafts that I can't finish. However, I know I'll join in because it's just too much fun. And feels so great. Hopefully ... no, I won't say it. If it becomes a "real" novel – fine. If not – fine.

I have a show coming up in September at Gallery 46 of the First UU Church of Richmond. I'm sending out postcards in a day or two. If you'd like one, let me know. I'm also preparing prints. The framed pieces are ready to go.

I continue to write modules and otherwise work on the curriculum for a Right Livelihood workshop/small group for my church. We are getting close to completing the first draft. After that we'll have get some feedback and then present it to the minister for review. It's very exciting to be working on something without a model. It growing organically. I'm enjoying the process. We are swooping!

That's it until next time.
"Cosmic Control: The Prime Locus Learns Something" is a science fiction/fantasy story about the uneasy balance between the power of the interstellar government and the powers of intuitives.
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