Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

I'm cleaning house and posting participant icons in preparation for National Novel Writing Month. It really is the most fun I have all year and it's FREE! Woo hoo! My entire being is ramping up through some subtle connection to the universe. Because, you know, the universe writes with me. Oh, and about 64,000 other people do, too.

I posted an icon on this blog and here and here. I cleaned up the computer folder which houses all of my novel drafts since 2006 (the first year I celebrated this madness).

I launched Scrivener to see if I need to upgrade. I could upgrade but I don't have to. (Well, I can't, really. But that's another story.)

I thought about using Google docs, which would work. Then I remembered all the web links, images, notes, and Wikipedia articles I collect while writing. Scrivener keeps them all in one place for me so I don't even have to leave the application if I want to refer to something I collected or created. I might use Google docs some, as I am with the grandchildren two days a week and don't have a laptop. And I will probably find myself at a write-in with pen and notebook, which means typing it up later. But, hey, words is words!

I offer my invitation, as I do only once every year, to you (yes you!) to join us and write that novel you've been thinking about, putting on the back burner, keeping locked in your closet, or buried in Davy Jones locker. No training, preparation, knowledge, or experience required. Yes, you can!

Only 19 days to go. So, get over there, sign up, and wait breathlessly for November 1.
No noveling until November 1!
Goal: 50,000 words
Today's Total: xxxx
Written Today: x
(and the above snippet is updated and prepared, as well)

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Elaine said...

Oh, and I made a donation. Very important. Helps a lot. Having the halo on my profile picture has more than once made it possible for me to begin typing.