Sunday, October 26, 2003

mad at something

It's a lovely morning. It's warm and moist just like in Germany in the fall. I had breakfast outside with my dog and the birds. The windows are open and the heat is off. It's just lovely.

I've made and posted this morning's message. Must do that no matter what if I have the time. I'm feeling trapped. I tried to force a relationship (whatever that means) and now I'm wondering if I'm not forcing the artist issue. Maybe I'm not really an artist. I'm just a person with a computer and some software. Naw.

Where is that place where the weather doesn't change--that place without seasons that suits my clothes? I could sell everything, put all my creative endeavors on some cds and vamoose. (What kind of a word is that?)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... I've quit believing in angels.

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