Monday, October 20, 2003

still working but not right now

I'm working on a landscape. It hasn't got a title. My works rarely do until they are finished. Some have themes or a destination but most of them don't. They are like little germs that grown into diseases. Okay. Maybe not. Maybe they're more like snow balls that grow until they're big enough to use to make something.

I planned to post a "sketch" of what I'm working on but it's too late in the evening. Too many things to do after my day job. Tomorrow I'll post the work in progress.

Some pieces are never finished . . . some don't work out but many do. I hope this one does.

Just so you know, I'm not always listening to the hard drive. In fact, sometimes I sit down at the keyboard knowing I'll be blogging later and think "I'd better put on some cool tunes." Of course, at 52 what's cool is different. For me cool includes Donovan, whom I was listening to earlier. Ah, Candy Man! and Sunny Goodge Street!

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heresdodo said...

Hey - What's up with putting all this personal info on the web? I find it quite uncomfortable. Ideas and feelings? Perish the thought!
Having said that, any personal info about me is verbotten!!
If Mom doesn't mind the world knowing she had her breasts reduced, that's her problem.
The middle sister, or number 3.