Monday, February 2, 2004

hip hop

I finished "8 Mile." I liked the entire movie. I can't say I understood all the words I heard but I liked it anyway. The white attendants at Blockbuster pointed me at white hip hop. (Is there such a thing?) Wonder where a black attendant would have steered me. Although hip hop is about the ghetto, I guess—not about color.

I've decided I like the whole fought their way out of crap and into good lives ethos of hip hop. It's very positive and motivational. It's also full of hard work and push. "I'm Good" is tune you can repeat because it's circular. Like a round. Very nice. That tune has been running in my head all day. Gotta take it to work tomorrow.

Here's the Honey site. Check it. Has a very informative section on musicians that have fought their ways out of the ghetto.

I think we need a sub-culture built on those who have fought their way out of emotional abuse and into normal lives instead of hanging out on rooftops with automatic weapons. What would that song and dance be called? Something that celebrates a below-the-radar tactic that let's you fly invisible and out of range of the emotional killers. Not quite a turn the other cheek thing. More of a hide that other cheek thing. Submerged in the landscape.

I feel encouraged. If those with far fewer social advantages can make it than so can I. It's just a matter of hard work and waiting for your opportunity. Right?

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