Thursday, February 5, 2004


Went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art "Art After Hours." I loved it! Mingling with nicely dressed, polite people to the tunes of a live band playing jazz. Little 10 minute tours with topics like "The Eyes Have It" and poetry readings in marbled courtyards. Every week there's a different flavored martini. This week it was Apple. Scrumptious! Then there's the 3-tastes-for-a-dollar wine tasting. This week wines by First Colony south of Charlottesville.

The guards apparently haven't got the message it's a party. What a sour-faced bunch of killjoys. They have a fetish about the guard rail that overlooks the marbled court where the party's held. Apparently it's dangerous to lean against it. You can put your hands on it but not lean against. I suppose if I lean too hard I might just push it over and fall 50 ft to my death (or my maiming and a law suit). The guard says no leaning is for my protection! I think not. I may just call the museum tomorrow and complain. It's so stupid. Really ruins the experience.

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