Friday, April 23, 2004

How does that work?

Nothing is as annoying as not being able to log in to AOL or stay logged in. I doubt it's me. I've been logging in since last fall and in February weird things started happening. Sometimes it takes 3 attempts to dial in. I've had access with companies smaller than AOL and NEVER had the problems I do with AOL. How does that work? A larger company should give better service. Or?

Anyway, I'm not letting that situation stop me from writing. Hooray! One thing that won't stop me.

It's raining. This is when I most feel like writing. When I was younger it was when I most felt like reading. I longed for a window seat with heavy velvet curtains so I could snuggle in, read and gaze occasionally at the pounding rain and slate clouds. I have a definite picture in mind of how this seat looks, where it is (in a paneled library), what part of the room it is in, and what it looks out on. This picture is so specific I feel I must have been there once, where ever it is.

It's odd how sometimes I look around at a place and instantly feel bonded, like I've been there before and it belongs to me. Instant emotional attachment. How does that work?

Now another thing is happening that I love. The sun is shining through the heavy air at an angle (it's almost sunset). The rain is sparkling on my living room window, birds are chirping and the sky is partially lit. Trees are in partial shadow with spots of bright yellow. It's like being inside a box and slowly lifting the lid. Very dramatic.

I'm not an emotional person -- well, I'm not a super expressive person -- but I sure like emotionally charged pictures. Maybe it depends on the emotion?

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