Tuesday, April 13, 2004

more day 5

My answers to questions posted in a Yahoo group I belong to: .....................................
  1. Are you married, attached, single? -- Single. Two exes: previously attached for 11 years with a marriage and 14 years without it. Currently dating single men over 45. Sorry. I prefer maturity.
  2. Do you have kids? Gender? Ages? -- three children: son 25, son 22, daughter 21
  3. What part of the country (or what country) do you live in? (be as specific as you feel comfortable with) -- Virginia in the fair city of Richmond where we have the best river bar none.
  4. What do you do mainly in life? (job, hobbies, school, travel, etc.)
    -- graphic designer by day; artist and writer and poet at other times; like hiking with my dog by the river; into sunny beaches with salt water; Apple evangelist (but in a good way); love all kinds of music. recently discovered hip-hop after watching that totally great movie "Honey"; read a lot mostly detective/mystery, sci fi and fantasy
  5. What would like to be doing mainly in life?
    -- living off my lottery winnings and using the money to build my craft (see hobbies) and research social/psychological issue for the betterment of humanity and to satisfy my curiosity
  6. What would like to do on a Friday/Saturday night if you could be doing anything?
    -- time travelling in parallel universes
  7. What is your favorite cause or major source of spiritual or personal fulfillment (this is not to get into political social discussions that result in fights, just to know each other) (Note, if you have kids, we know they are probably top of the list, so then what after your kids)
    --- spirituality is my major source of fullfillment. seriously plagued with self actualization activities.
  8. What's under your bed? (This is a joke one. Long time list residents know that a whole lot of us have dust bunnies under our beds and I almost made that a requirment to be on the list)
    -- Dust jackets? and a cricket.
  9. If there is a question you wish I had asked, ask and answer it (we did this on the recent job interview). They hated that. It was the question I was given to ask, so I changed it to "is there anything else about yourself you would like us to know".
    --- My dog's name is Pip. He's my rescue project from the pound and on most days his rescuing is perfect. He's part shepard, part chow and part terrier -- all the best parts.
    I'm an INTJ.

I think that counts as writing.

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