Tuesday, April 20, 2004

ten minutes

Today bloody nose. I got most of it but some of leaked onto my red top, which had a lacy top layer so the blood didn't show and nothing stuck because the fabric was artificial. So I scratched it off when it dried.

Yesterday I made the unfortunate choice of wearing a thin, taupe sweater that readily showed the outline of my nipples at certain inopportune moments. I like the sweater. It's made of some strange fabric and it smells industrial but in a good way. It's light and comfortable and has an artsy cut to it. Too bad it's also only semi-opaque.

It's been hell the last two days. Work has been tense for me. I'm not used to being surrounded.

The weather is totally great. I should post a photo of my blooming cherry tree. It's fully bloomed out right now. This evening I sat under it for 20 mintues just admiring it.

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