Wednesday, July 21, 2004

writer's club

I've been to my second meeting of the Virginia Writer's Club, Richmond Chapter. If you are a writer living in the area you should definitely drop in. The most exciting part is the feedback and responses - to member works and published work. I brought a sample of my work and passed it out. I was scared so I just brought two copies. Next time I'll bring 10 or 15. Next to writing, being read is the best.

I tried to give good feedback but I was so nervous words dropped out of my head. Me, the person who can test with the best, blanked out a couple of times. I'm hoping that eventually I'll calm down a bit.

Being accepted as a writer is heady stuff. I love it. Better than beer. Or that other thing, what's that called? That green thing. Anyway. I love this. I'm so thrilled that I have to worked to stop smiling and act normal.

Although this is wonderful, I am affirmed once again, that writing is not enough. There's visual art making and movies and animations. I can't do just one thing. I keep working on a way to combine them - visual art, writing, animations and movie shorts (real short). I'm not brazen enough to be a producer or director. But I want to put it all together myself. Unless I'm staring at a bill, I don't really care whether I get paid or not or whether what I make is marketable. I have to make it.

Of course I do expect to be paid for my work. I just don't make it thinking about how much money it will make me. I can't work that way. Messes me up.

Okay. I'm calmer now. Time to do the dishes.

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