Monday, October 10, 2005

What I did over the Summer

Over the summer I added Podcasting to the things I do intermittently. The episodes are me reading my poetry. You can subscribe by using the iTunes or RSS links. I've discovered that it's best do a reading close to the time I write the poem. I also discovered that a lot of the tricks I use to make sure listeners can hear each word clearly are the same ones used on TV shows by actors. Only they are better at it. I'm hoping my sincerity will cover the gap between my skills at speaking and the message of the poem.

The really big work has been the renovation of my bathroom, which involved the removal of one and a half walls, a lot of white mold and the floor tiles. I have a lovely new bathtub, surround and pretty off-white ceramic tile floor. The hammering is the installation of trim around the door and window. Soon the door will be hung, the accessories installed and then party!

I've been a little disconsolate lately and went for a psychic reading hoping to regain some focus. Basically, I was told I'm on the right track and to keep going. Not sure how helpful it was but I feel better.

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