Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Swing and a Miss

Heh heh. That title suggests something to me – like a brand new screenplay (which is ridiculous as I still have to finish this one) – and that's not going to happen. I'm at 74 pages and need to write 26 by tomorrow morning at 9 am. Script Frenzy goes until midnight, but I won't be at home and, so, away from the keyboard that has the application I need to finish. I suppose I could always take the file with me, install the application at the keyboard I will be at and then write and delete the application when I'm done. I could do that. Not sure it's a realistic option. I'm painfully resigning myself to not winning this one.

I did better than my last attemp, which was two years ago. Got a lot more pages, got a lot further and learned more about the way I work and that scriptwriting is definitely different from novel writing. It's not just my imagination. So, there we go. Done. Mostly. Pretty much.

I could say I'll keep writing and finish the script after the 30th. I could but I wouldn't believe myself if I did. Still. It could happen.

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cordieb said...

You've got to finish writing the script, regardless if you enter it or not. Come on ' get that engine reving!!!