Friday, April 9, 2004

just noticeably different

I'm going to try something different. Instead of making a private stream of consciousness blog, I'm going to journal here. The trick of this will be getting online everyday and, possibly, finding the time, although that should be the easy part since I'm only committing to ten minutes, minimum and 20, max.

To start, let me offer a link to an online writing class from the AOL campus. Okay, let me start by offering a link to an online art class. Nope, wrong again. It's harder than it looks to just find a class. I suppose I could do a search but then I'd be here too long and I do have a day job.

Whatever! I'll give this a shot for 8 days and see if it's a good or bad thing. The "Morning Pages" (see Julia Cameron's, "The Artist Way") are supposed to be private and while my readership is low, this isn't really the same thing. I've done "Morning Pages" for over 3 years continuously and longer than that uncontinously so it might be time for me to try something completely different. Or maybe just noticeably different.

Meanwhile, back to classes online. Don't search on "writing" it brings up 645 classes, many of them not about how to write. Oh, silly me. Right there on the home page in the bottom right corner of the list is a whole section called "Writing." I've selected "Creative." Okay, that's better. There's a wonderful list. "Accelerated Creative Writing" looks good, but today I'm going with "Basics of Fiction Writing (Level 1)" (24/7 access - learn to write at 3 a.m.). I feel for sure I am beyond this level having taken English at the college level and Creative Writing in high school, but I could still learn something.

Hey! Take a look at the description for "Accelerated Creative Writing"! It's me!

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