Monday, May 4, 2009

World Beach Project - My Contribution

I finally got around to making art on the beach with stones as part of the World Beach Project sponsored by the Victoria and Albert Museum in England. I took my pattern from the tracks on the beach of crabs, spiders, birds, dogs, people and who-knows-what.

20 years ago you could stand on the beach and scoop up crabs. Now you're lucky if you see one. Two years ago new rules on harvesting the crabs were made and the population is growing again. The dead spots created by dredging, now banned, are coming alive again. My pattern is based on the sand crab track pattern and leads to a sand crab hole. After I finished, I watched the crab emerge repeatedly from it's hole and fling out sand.crab cleaning his home barely visible at the top of this image

I'm not sure my pattern is really a track. It ended up more of a code, actually. Anyway, it was fun and inspiring. For about 15 minutes I wanted to get a travel trailer and ride down the coast making stone patterns on every beach I could find. the location beach at Norfolk VAthe work in progressclose up of the stones
the finished pattern of stonesthe finished piecetracks on the beachmore tracks on the beach

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