Thursday, June 4, 2009

feeling like a real writer

there it is in all it's glory - my printed screenplay!I just printed out my screenplay draft – all 80 pages of it. It's is a thing of beauty. I am overwhelmed by my discovery at how official it looks printed out. Wow. It's not the same feeling as seeing the book version of my first novel draft. That was not exciting. It was satisfying but not exciting.

It's all beautifully formatted thanks to Celtx (completely free and totally wonderful). I could press a tab in Celtx and see the scene for each character. The scenes wouldn't be in order and it's a bear to rearrange them. I hoped there might be an index card function so I could rearrange the scenes. There is an index card tab and it does put the screenplay into the cards by scene, however, you have to type each theme at the bottom of the card which is automatically populated with whatever theme you typed into the previous card. Whatever the index card function is for, it's not working for me.

Anyway, it's all printed out now. I'm off to slice up all the scenes and put the character arcs in order so I can figure out what to do next, which I hope helps get me through this latest block.


Wandering Spirit said...

Yay! Congratulations! I hope to see it on the silver screen in the future.

cordieb said...

Wow. God for you. I knew you'd get through it!!!!! Can't wait to see it, at a theater near me.