Monday, November 30, 2009

Fourth NaNoWriMo Win!

I think I'm getting better at writing novels. I didn't make it to the final conclusive ending yet, but I have one in mind, a real one that actually works. Of course, it means revisions to the first half of the book. That's how NaNoWriMo goes – unless novels spring fully formed from your mind. Which mine don't.

The last three novels I wrote had ending issues. The first one I simply ended the way I wanted it to without figuring out how to get there. My draft reader was severely disappointed, although she liked the story that led up to the "fake" ending. The second and third novels didn't end. They just stopped at around 50,000 words. One of the them I think may actually have a real ending to find. Not sure about the other.

However, I have improved in writing, in being able to manage the process and am feeling more serene and confident than ever before. I believe some discipline has crept into my writing, as well. I like it.

I plan to keep on writing until I have the ending down in actual printable words. Then a break to gain some perspective and then back to work to finish the thing properly. First, breakfast!

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