Sunday, October 24, 2010

I didn't win the NEA Art Works logo RFP either

It's been seven months since I looked at the logo proposal I submitted to the National Endowment for the Arts. I knew in April that I hadn't won. Which was about what I expected. The winner was an artist, Hoon Kim, from New York with all the right credentials (Pratt, Rhode Island School of Design, MOMA, etc.) who runs a workshop called "Why Not Smile." In perusing the Linked In profile as well as the web site, I fail to see real evidence of a workshop. But I could be wrong. It could all be happening offline in meat space.

Today I looked at the NEA Art Works site to see if they are using the new logo yet. They aren't (the "logo" displayed there is a place holder from before the RFP). Why not?

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I was poking around on my hard drive and opened up my submission file. I like it. The main drawback is that it's kinda complex. For starters it's a four-color logo which makes it expensive to print. It also has a lot in it, but then they wanted a lot in it. Mostly everything from this page. I'm curious about how reductionist Hoon Kim got all that into his logo.

If you have a group or business that can use the logo I made, you can have it for free. All I ask is acknowledgement. If you are going to use it, let me know and I'll send you the real ready-to-use files. This will eliminate more than one group using the same logo – which, of course, defeats the purpose of a logo.

Field Design 2 didn't win either.
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Elaine said...

You can click on the links in this post to see the new NEA Art Works logo. I don't like it. It says nothing about art, except for the black and white version (see Hoon's web site) which hints at art but could also be wifi or electricity or communication. It is a good logo for an architecture firm, though.

Elaine said... read this