Saturday, May 7, 2011

I am become the grandma

I am become the grandma
living in the land of memories
going out into the morning to smell the sky

i wander barefoot through grass in a nightgown
covered by an ugly warm cardigan
on the line, scraps of fabric I call flags
my wind chime dangles from recycled white chains
the birdbath a disused baking dish

of supreme importance are the blooms in the garden
and which weeds should be removed
I don't remove them all at once
because there will always be more
and stooping must be carefully calculated

that is what you see
yet inside
live many women
6 year old bike rider and avid roller skater
college student swimming in the seas of learning
bedazzled dazzling lover charming and enchanted
young mother carrying three babies
matured mother proud of her graduating children
resourceful business woman making sharp decisions
and always there is yet one more
waiting to be born

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