Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stealth Black Kitty

When I let Pip out this morning the first thing I noticed was the sky. Then I saw Black Kitty crouched in the grass beside the fence. Pip didn't see BK. She had flattened herself into the grass as he went about his business.

He sniffed the ground. I pointed my chin at BK. He turned and walked toward the opposite side of the yard, picking up some scent. He then followed it around the yard ending up in the natural den behind the euonymus when he spied BK where she had spirited herself – in the next yard.

Good thing for her as Pip has mixed feelings about cats. He does like to play with them but in the doggie way. Smaller animals tend to not survive. Large cats, however, have the upper hand. If BK survives to large cat status Pip could have some interesting times.

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