Thursday, July 7, 2011

Graphic Design develops from Product

I came across the useful diagram below while reading up on content strategy. Most of the requests I get from clients are to make a logo. Fast! They usually want their logo right now. They want to get that out of the way so they can have a business card and letterhead and flyers and start getting the word out.

Before I can do any of that I have to understand their business strategy. "Oh", they tell me, "I sell insurance" or "I sell real estate" or "I'm having an event." Okay. That doesn't tell me anything and it won't tell your potential customers how what you offer is different from what others offer. Why should they choose you?

While graphic designers and art directors participate in marketing strategy, and sometimes even drive it, what really drives the strategy (and the graphics) is product. This diagram shows the dependent relationship. You might want to view the entire presentation. It's about web content management, yet it also applies to product management (since content is a product).

Trying to be like everyone else is uninspired. – Sal Federico

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