Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Break

Clean kitchen! A sure sign that
National Novel Writing Month
is long past.
So here I am, at 70,213 words and the end of the story remains elusive. I might I have missed it, as I discovered when rereading my 2009 NaNo novel. However, I feel like the ending will show up in the next 2000 words. More or less. I thought I had an ending and I do have some background that hasn't made it into the novel—not that it has to. Background is always good for more story, whether in the current novel or one yet to be written. It all goes around and comes around, sort of like karma, and in a good way.

I have decided to keep to my promise to stop at 70K and take a break until after January first. Then I will start at the beginning with the swooping process, clearing up as I go. When I get to the end, there should be one. heh heh

Happy Holidays, ya'll!
"Uncle Tauber's Trunk" A retired writer and a CIA profiler riddle out the secrets of the contents of an old German trunk.
Total Words Written: 70,213
Daily Word Count Goal: 2000
Words written today: 0 (have reached goal of 70K)
Wearing my Santa hat while floating in an earlier version
of Inspire Space Park in Shinda in Second Life.

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Annabelle said...

I'm looking very forward to reading this book!