Monday, May 21, 2012

Searching for Perfect Art

(my first choice for an iPhone decal)
My definition of perfect art changes more than daily. It changes by the moment – from morning to afternoon, from break of day to twilight – which makes it difficult for me to settle on one work of art to make into a skin. A skin I'll see a lot, since it will be on my iPhone.

Decal Girl makes the best skins ever. I own three of them. So, naturally, I chose to use them for my art. Unfortunately, they didn't choose me.

I sent them a file with my custom art, inserted into their Photoshop template  file. What that means is: they sent me a Photoshop file in the pixel dimensions they needed to print the decal, with a cut out layer showing the position of the art. I sent the file back with my art in it, having removed the cut out layer and renamed the file with my name (in case it got lost).

I didn't hear back from them. A couple months later I remembered I was trying to make a phone decal and got back in touch with them. Oh, yeah, they got it. Did I really make it? they asked. Would I prove it was mine by please returning the original template with my art in it. Okay, so yeah, I did that. I also told them they could Google me and see that it was my art. How hard is that? They didn't responds again. When I inquired, they told me they never received the email. I sent the file one more time. I did not hear back. I gave up.

Paradise Sky
Today I decided to take another stab at it. I have a decal on my phone that has probably been there since the fall. Time for a change! However, I didn't want to us the same art I sent Decal Girl before. I wanted something newer and fresher and brighter. I suppose I'll have to make something. The closest I could come up with is "Paradise Sky" which, although lovely, is a little too plain for daily use. I need something with a bit of detail that I can mull over.

So, the search continues. Although, after all those issues with Decal Girl, I may just decide to use Zazzle* who don't give me that kind of grief. I do appreciate Decal Girl checking up on rights and all, but their documentation clearly states only to submit work you own the rights to.

I notice they have Van Gogh on their site. I assume they have the rights to sell his work. Not so much his work, actually, as the work of whoever photographed his art. That's the kicker. Van Gogh is way out of copyright. Anyone can use his work. However, it's the capturing of his work that is copyrighted. I'm also assuming that the updated bio on the page is okay with Van Gogh.

All of that to tell you this: today's favorite is "star tube." For no particular reason other than that it grabbed me today. I know it's simple and a little amateurish. I don't care. It's perfect for now.
star tube
* Zazzle also has rules about copyright, and even if they didn't, artists (and other creatives) are protected by US Copyright Law and the Berne Convention. Look it up!

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