Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Real Stay at Yogaville

I've done day visits and one overnight; not anything longer. So, I signed up for three tenting nights and four fabulous days enjoying the spirit and offerings.

Tenting last night. My setup worked well. Rained though. A lot. And then it got so cold I needed a jacket. A friend, who was working registration, offered to let me stay at her place. So, now I have this great cottage for two nights. It's down a private road, beautifully decorated, and comfy. Supposed to be 37 degrees tonight!

Satsang and movie of Sri Gurudev yesterday. And this morning puja at Chidabaram with Swami Dayananda. Since it was just the two of us she let me do a some of it. I got to decorate Ganesha and share the light, among other things. Then she asked if I'd like to clean up. That was fun because we had a chance to chat while working. She said I could be a good pujanti (not sure about that word - a person who conducts pujas). Yay! She explained everything so nicely. She also said I had probably done puja in many lifetimes. I said,"No." And then, "We'll, maybe." And we smiled at each other.

Then another movie about Gurudev's life and Darshan at Gurudev's home. That was amazing! Kept as though he were going to turn up any minute. All his stuff laid out. Enjoyed seeing what sort of art he liked to have around. His favorite chair was decorated with a photo (large, framed) of him, draped clothing, and his final shoes beneath. Fresh persimmons afterward!

The only Hatha Yoga I've done is deep relaxation which is basically laying around. My right knee is killing me. I use the compression support in the morning but after 4 hours it gets annoying. Living on aspirin. Feels better after meals and when I'm excited or interested in something. Pops a lot. Scary. I miss being able to walk on the trails. Even getting in and out of the car is painful.

Helped clean up after dinner. The scheduled kitchen manager didn't show up so another experienced one stepped in. I got bogged down cleaning the condiments.

All the chanting has left fragments floating in my brain. Self starting fragments. Kinda nice. Sometimes i hear Sri Gurudev. Sometimes a chorus of devotees.

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