Sunday, November 4, 2012

Discovering Topeka

Topeka Visitor's Guide, Shawnee County Parks & Recreation Fall Catalog,
seveneightfive (Topeka's guide to art, entertainment, lifestyle)
I didn't think there would be enough going on in Topeka to merit a guide as large as a book. Let alone three jam-packed guides. This Topeka guide is only the Fall issue. Winter, spring and  summer not included!

When I arrived here I was taken to dinner at what I later discovered was one of the nicer places to eat: an asian restaurant that serves fresh vegetables cooked in canned sauces. Compared to Topeka, Richmond VA is a gourmet's paradise. And I sure do miss that variety and quality now.

However, Topeka more than makes up for the lack in cuisine with friendliness and community. At the end of a drive that took me around the main areas: downtown, shopping, etc. I ended up back at the library. Because that's where it all happens. Anything you want to know you can find out at the library.

It's a killer place - all modern with auditoriums, chatty information clerks, a cafe, laptops to rent, a huge DVD room, ongoing events, and, oh yeah, books. Non-fiction to the left (each row clearly marked). Fiction to the right including an entire wall of Science Fiction.

Everyone smiles. Unless you don't want them to. Because, yeah, you can avert your eyes and put that "Don't bug me now." expression on your face and they will quietly pass you by. It's like being in a small town. I mean it is a small town but it's also the capital of Kansas so you have government buildings, a zoo, a huge park with lakes and miles of walking paths, and a shopping mall. Around the perimeter is a sprinkling of busy industrial centers.

I'm looking forward to getting to know more about Topeka and settling in here. Circumstances have brought me here. While I miss my friends and family in Richmond VA, this is nice place to be.

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