Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Web Log: A Morning's Sparks

My mind sparks in the oddest ways sometimes. The best times are when I've had some really good sleep, like last night. I even woke around 1 a.m. for a brief glimpse of the moon eclipse. And I still got good sleep. (Good Sleeping: topic for another post.)

I started with Camp NaNoWriMo because I'm supposed to be editing my 2009 novel draft. This is a task a lot more difficult than I supposed. I found a great page of links to the stages and parts of revision. After reading one of the posts on types of editing, I decided to follow Amanda On Writing.

I liked the design of her tumblr blog and decided to install the same theme on my tumblr. First, I had to log in. Which was complicated by having to use Chrome since the latest Flash update crippled Safari on my ancient iMac. Soooooo ... reset password adventure!

After updating the tumblr, I had to add a "Pin It" button to my website because resetting the tumblr password meant accessing email. Reading email is always a nexus of distraction. Curse you email links!

Which led to fiddling with the design of the website because suddenly the colors look all garish after changing to a muted tumblr design. Fiddling with the design means arranging colors, selecting web colors, and trying out textured backgrounds (none of which looked right).

Which brings me here. Time for a break. Then some novel revision. And then, perhaps, more color contemplation.

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