Friday, November 28, 2003

html that works, maybe

It's way too early for Christmas. But not too early to test the html. Darn AOL support staff refused to tell me how to do this. I had to find it in a blog! And an AOL popularized one as well.

Staying Home
As you can see, maybe, I have opted for the short route and stayed home instead of cruising for excitement. I've moved on from my U2 fest to a Neil Diamond fest. I'm not looking at the recent pictures of him, though. And you shouldn't either. It's sad. He still sounds good. Sorry, Neil. I know I wouldn't pass the aged body test either but then I'm not onstage in Las Vegas in front of hundreds of people.

Not Here
It's okay. I don't have to worry about it. No one comes here. I have a real genius for making things that others totally ignore. I would be great as a secret agent. No one would know I was there. The invisible woman. So enjoy your time without me. I'm going back to doing nothing and checking this to see if my invisible html really worked.

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