Thursday, November 6, 2003

where i am

Pensive. I'm pensing. And having a glass of wine, which according to "Slaves of New York" should stop me from pensing. It's not working. And neither am I. I did my 15 minutes this morning. But that's it. Pinot Grigio.

I am white wine but prefer beer ... beer that's full of hops and also white beers. I am "Defending Your Life" and Mozart. I am a new hair cut. Yippee! It's looks great! I am a tree about to fall on my house in the front yard.

I am the lack of an angel. I am back pain relieved. I am the remnants of old relationships. I am the future. I am the past. I am. (I said. To no one there.)

I painted my kitchen walls again. Another coat of yellow and I can move on to tourquoise. I'm sure you're really curious to know how it looks. Maybe I show you.

I am finished.

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