Sunday, November 16, 2003


I would dearly loved to be released -- from financial restrictions, from the laws of physics, from obligations, from social situations. I fear it's an endless list.

Above is the modified image with working title "highlands." The poor baby rock is now floating. I'm trying to resolve the rendering misses. The misses are those slanted black shadows. I hope you can see that they are angular, flat planes. Not real shadows. I'm working with smoothness and slope noise. The smoothness changed the shape of the mountain and actually left the rock inside it so I move it out. I get weary waiting for my machine to render. Actually building and moving don't take that long.

Updated website today. Wrote a letter.


babyshark28 said...

Glad your inspired! keep going! I'm amazed at what you can do...the mountain looks so real, and water..with the rippling and reflections..very cool. keep it up!

gvpagenc said...

Wow! I just surfed in from a link in BabyShark's journal. You should definitely put up more of your work! Excellent!


heartwinds said...

Thanks for the comments. The software I use makes really nice water and has a lot of cool textures. I've made my own textures in the past. But at the moment I'm using stock textures.