Thursday, November 20, 2003


I've decided to upgrade my software. Bryce 3D isn't made for Mac anymore. Corel just makes it for the PC. Nice and cheap, though. I've found another software called "Carrara" which looks really good. There's the basic version for $99 and the Studio version for $399. I can't afford either one so it's a moot point. But, of course, I would love the Studio version. The people who make it (eovia) have combined Infini D and Raydream. It renders beautifully.

Eventually, I will have to upgrade. I can't keep on using this old OS 9 version of Bryce. It's great but I need to move on. Maybe it will be a Christmas present.


babyshark28 said...

wha? ;) it's nice to SEE you again. you've been gone. I gave you a mention at my will have to scroll down to find it now..

thingn89 said...