Monday, January 5, 2004


Tonight I happened to get online for more than two minutes. Ever since my last post I've been fighting the AOL software to stay online. I get my email and then - whifft! - I'm kicked off. I reinstalled AOL (didn't help) then booted into Sytem 9, changed extensions to only System 9 extensions and restarted. Seems a lot better now. I also tried a different telephone number. Let's hope this post works!

So, today was a little depressing. First real day at work since the holidays. Everyone back in the saddle and mostly just hanging out.

Reading "The Well-Fed Writer" still. But I am still reading it. Lots of excellent information on how to relate to customers, what to say, strategies for getting the job done right, etc. Every freelancer should read those parts (just about every chapter has hints). Now I'm reading the chapter about the types of writing.

Still doing the daily visual message. What a relief.


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tagord6 said...

I really like your journal. I've got one too. It's called, It All Started At 21, by Tamiwami21. Please read.