Thursday, January 8, 2004

fah - reezing!!!!!

(I will definitely survive!) Anyway, it's so cold. I'm in the Professional Artists chat room where drinks are being dispensed and, as usual, no one is to topic.

I did make some art but the writing has dropped off. I'm thinking maybe just art or just writing isn't enough. Maybe some kind of project that combines the two. Like a book or a movie or something like that.

Reading "How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist" by Carol Michels. I just read about how vanity galleries suck and so do juried shows when it comes to generating sales and making money. I'm waiting for the good part. I think that comes later. I'm a little inspired by the alternative spaces and wondering what it would take to bring art to the public in such a way that they would not be intimidated and be willing to pay for it. Sure, art is all over on everything: tv shows, iPods, commercials, movies, web pages. Sure, that's not intimidating. However, I would like to see people getting the enjoyment from art that I do. And I mean looking at it, not making it. Although I like that, too, and am not opposed to anyone else enjoying it. Oh, well. That's another blog.

Watched the Steve Jobs keynote at the San Francisco MacWorld. I'm inspired to make movies and screen shows and music. That Garage Band looks totally fabulous. I definitely need the mini iPod in at least 3 colors. First, I need to get a regular iPod. Someday!

What am I hopeful about? That a friend will call me back tonight.

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