Wednesday, January 28, 2004

everything but the queen

Subject line of email = "amid bologna grow comprehensible crest wheeze burnt codeword resuming coup ruckus diminution crusade catharsis eulogy wheresoever idolatry" Does this mean I have been spammed by an anonymous poet? What do you think? Accidently saw a photo that was emailed to me. Obviously enhanced and very gross. No one comes up to me in the fast food store and opens porno mags in my face. This has to be illegal.

The other thing that has to be illegal is jerks who write assinine things in IMs because it happens to be an unusal time of the day, like now. Watch out for "Poet Paul." He's definitely weird beyond expression.

Aside from all that my life has been totally wonderful.

I'll upload what I'm working on shortly.

1 comment:

babyshark28 said...

WEll, I don't open anything from anyone I don't know! I am not very trust worthy.
I looked at your homepage...very nice! is that you smiling in there? you should insert that in your all about me profile. It's very cute.

You do such gooood work.
keep going.