Wednesday, February 18, 2004

how i make some of my art

Just a reminder on how I construct my art. I use a software program called Bryce 3D (link is to new product). This program comes with some "presets" that let me automatically create rocks, skies, ground, mountains, etc. I often create custom textures and objects and modify the randomly generated items. Bryce is a landscape program basically. I used it once to make an illustration of a building that had not yet been made. This was an assignment from a client when I was freelancing. They liked it and paid me.

I agree with Picasso and other artists, that the composition of a piece is what makes it art. The fact that I don't personally construct each item by hand is not important. What matters is which objects I select, the process that leads me to make the choices, how I arrange those pieces and how I compose the final image. Those are the choices that make it art.

So that's the basics. To be fair, I suppose I could reveal some of the process I use. That might help with understanding what I do. I'll try to do that next time.

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