Thursday, February 26, 2004

Art After Hours and the wind

I'm baa-aack! I'm offering another free desktop. This one is abstract and mostly pink-ish. You can get it here. It's a spring thing.

Had another lovely evening at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art Art After Hours. This time I learned that the WMFA has one of only four, high quality Nepalese ceremonial helmets in the world. The one here in Richmond is entrancing, like a fairy tale. I have a personal attraction to Nepal. When I'm feeling disgusted with life I threaten to sell everything and go sit on a mountain top in Nepal. Difficult to do these days since it's all owned by China now.

I once read a fascinating book about Nepal. The author trekked through the mountains in search of the elusive snow leopard. Along the way he describes customs, peoples and modes of travel. My most vivid memory is visualizing his night in a tent which he pitched in the courtyard of a deserted home. The walls were a wind break. He didn't get much sleep because he spent the night trying to keep warm in the blowing snow. Anyway, back to WMFA. Apparently not many museums have Nepalese works. I plan to go back and take a good look at what is on display. A curator spoke to us about the works. He told us that they have more in the basement. I'd love to see them all.

I'm not sure I still would like to go to Nepal even if it has been a theme in my life. It's like a delicious, expensive candy that comes my way every so often. Maybe it's more like the scent on a wind which only blows my way during a blue moon. Nova Scotia is the other country that pops up in my life without effort. I actually thought I might get there one day but not happening so far. Where I ought to be going is Ireland as I may still have some relations there. My great-grandfather is from Ireland in Roscommon County. He and his brother escaped the priesthood together and ended up in the USA.

From the Artwells Oracula: Thursday is an escaped balloon. To be captured by the wind is to be free.

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Hi, nice journal.____It's like a delicious, expensive candy that comes my way every so often.___ I liked it.