Monday, April 12, 2004

day 4

Let's review: I wear contacts because I have a vision problem that needs correction. I can see quite clearly from here to the computer screen and from here to the window. However, I have difficulties seeing clearly in any other range. I also have astigmatism so I wear shaped lenses that need to be attached to my eye in a particular way in order to function optimally. Are we all clear now?

There's a mark on each lens that indicates which end goes down, or in other words which part of the circle should be attached at the bottom of my eye. The mark is a short line that look a lot like a scratch. It's about 1/3 of millimeter long. Before I put the lens in, I'm supposed to hold it up to a light and figure out where the mark is and then insert the lens so it fits exactly right. Right! I tried it a couple of mornings. Uh huh. After twisting and turning the lens in various lights to see the mark, I then have to turn it to position it correctly on my finger so I can put it in my eye. Right again. You try to see something with bad eyesight that even to a person with perfect eyesight has difficulty seeing, then take that floppy, soft, small, clear, hard to see object and turn in on your wet finger and try to get it to stay on the finger while you turn it and then get it to release the finger and go into your eye. (There may be a magic word involved that makes the lens stay on your finger until you need to release it into your eye. Where's Hermione when you need her?)

I don't care about the stupid line anymore. I just pop the lenses in and let them adjust themselves. It works fine and I'm going to tell the optician where he can stick his instructions when I see him next year. I may also write a snide letter to the lens manufacturer.

It's cold and dark and rainy. What happened to spring?

My spell checker recognizes Hermione. Now that's magic!


jeanyu said...

Hi! Very interesting article about personal experience with the lenses. I can see you are a writer clearly. Noone could write about those things that long and interestingly, except a writer! What other things are you writing?

heartwinds said...

Thanks, Jeanyu, for your compliment. I've got some projects started including a novel but aside from blogging (journalling) I'm not writing anything at the moment. I have written poetry in the past but have not made a new poem recently. Actually, I'm not sure I make them. I feel more like a chaneller than a writer. Thanks for stopping by! Please come by again.