Sunday, April 11, 2004

Day 3

What happened to day 2? I was out of town and didn't take the time to log on and write. It was Easter at Mom's. What can I say?

Well, this wil not be 10 minutes but it will be time spent writing. Back to the routine (?) tomorrow. For sure. Uh huh.

Easter is like a mini Christmas. Same theme only lower key and less presents. It revolves around family, mostly, like Christmas and like Christmas bears almost no resemblance to the basic premise of the holiday.

Oh well.

It was cold and rainy. Okay with me but I wasn't prepared for it. Took wrong type of clothing. Fortunately Mom lets me borrow her stuff. A little big but they keep me warm. Pip (dog) loves the beach. Managed a short walk before the storm. Got more beach glass for my collection.

Well, that's it. Time to move on to other life.

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