Monday, November 15, 2004


(Discouraged is how I'm feeling. Worried is a precursor to that.)

Here's my report since my last tag:
1. The Virginia Writer's Club is nice. I feel guilty since I haven't brought anything for anyone to read in months. However, I am reading other's stuff and commenting. I missed the annual meeting at the premier Richmond Commonwealth Club because (a) I forgot and (b) I had a cold. Maybe next year.
2. Not making any serious art. I put up a little shockwave animation on the homepage but it's nothing to blog about.
3. Still have a job and that's a good thing.
4. Taking a class from B&N University ( based on the book "Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life." Found out I already know what I love, it's the "rest of my life" part I have trouble with. Still it's a useful class, especially if you are the victim of your high-powered drive for a large salary and competitive consumption but deep in your heart you long for a satisfying life. It's also good for taking a unique view at who you are and what matters. And it's free!

I have yet another plumber in here, Ms. Roto Rooter ( - they have coupons for 10-20% off). She's pulling up my toilet because the pipes are too old to open to clean out the trap. I think that's what it's called - that junction in the main drain under the house that collects weird shit (oops - pun!). We have decided it hasn't been opened since the house was built in 1949.

I sure am looking forward to getting my money out of this house some day. Nothing like breaking even. In the meantime, I rent from the bank.

Now the plumber tells me that my toilet was put in wrong. They caulked the john to the tile so all the tile came up with it. Yeah. :-( I think I'm just going to have to give in and go further into debt and get the bathroom redone and the kitchen wall redone. whoopee. However, once that is done it will be done and the house is solid (masonry on a cement slab). Shouldn't be much to fix after that. I think I'm ready for a condo or a rental unit.

So that's my life. This is why I am not making progress. Ms. Rooter probably won't be out of here until 10 pm.

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