Saturday, January 15, 2005

i'm baaa-aack

Wow. Now that's a gap. I just spent 5 hours updating another of my blogs, Alien Drifter (see box "Other Journals"). I figured out the template coding, added a box on the right side of the page and moved the ads into the bottom of that box.

So, what happened with the plumbing is that I paid $2748.00 to get my main drain working again. Orangeburg: fake pipe installed during WW II to save iron ore for the war effort. Research on the web proved it true. It really does exist and tons of folks across this fine land have had the same nasty experience I did. Let this be a warning to you. If your house was built between 1935 and 1955 (some say later, too) you most likely have this fake pipe made of paper impregnated with oil. It looks like black plastic but it isn't. It dissolves and/or comes uncoiled, especially if you get Ms. Roto Rooter to remove blockages.

I also spent 10 days staying with a very generous and kind friend who put me up in her spare room with my own bath. By the time I finally got a good estimate from a company that seemed both willing and able to do the job it was almost Thanksgiving. I'm glad it got done all in two days and that it didn't rain either day.

Just purchased new U2 album. It's going to send me on another U2 Fest. Oh, well. I'll have to get by somehow.

The next project is to get the bathroom fixed. Lots of wood trim rotted out and there's partly rotted studs covered in mildew. Courtesy of the housing bubble my house has appreciated enough in 2.5 years to give me enough equity for a line of credit. Now if I can just get someone to do the job for under $5,000. Can anyone recommend a good bathroom renovation company in Richmond?

I survived Christmas by making gifts for everyone. I've been too busy to be here. I need to remember that not all Christmas and/or holiday stuff can actually be done in December. Some needs to be done sooner. Like starting now. I think I come to this conclusion every year. There's a familiar feeling about it.

I'm taking another class from B&N University using the book "Discover What You're Best At." I've discovered the reason I'm so bored by many of the job tasks and positions I've had is because I'm so good it's way too easy. Linda Gale, who wrote the book left musicians out of the list of occupations because she says that sort of talent can't be measured. However, graphic designers and artists can. Cop out.

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