Saturday, April 11, 2009

Plot Points Develop Dramatically

ElaineG's Screnzy Stats for April 10thThe screen play continues apace. And a slow but steady pace it is. Thank goodness Screnzy not a race. I don't need to keep up with anyone as long as I get to 100 pages by the end of the month. I seem to be following my usual pattern of slow start and steady mid-stream which means, if I stick to this pattern, I will get stuck about 3/4 of the way through. If I write five pages a day, I can win (i.e., write 100 pages in 30 days).

More interesting to me is how the plot is evolving as I write. Let's keep in mind that the novel is written (although not fully edited) and the plot is pretty much decided. However, to make the story play, I discovered I need to redramatize it. Basically, I'm pulling all the dramatic scenes from the book, writing them down as isolated incidents and hoping that the scenes will all gel into a movie. I've no idea how writers who regularly do adaptations manage to make the movie so much like the book. Even movies that aren't a lot like the book are still more like the book than my screenplay seems to be at this moment. It's an interesting process.

I'm curious to see how the screen play will turn out. I still have that lingering big problem to resolve: how the woman goes from an inescapable situation to victory in a scene or two. I'm looking forward to working that out, actually. Bits of action are playing themselves in my head as potential solutions. As I mull it over, the the solutions get more interesting and the plot progresses. It's great.

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