Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The smaller half of the job

One of those brain farts happened when I wasn't looking because of course that's when they always happen. Somehow embedded in my head was that today is the halfway mark (correct) and I should be at 40 pages (incorrect). It wasn't until I had huffed and puffed to page 42, posted my count and read a post in the forum that I discovered that half way is 50 pages. Well, of course it is. It's 100 pages in 30 days - not 80. Where did 40 come in? Maybe I was looking at the desired goal of some previous day and the number 40 got lodged in  my head. 

Anyway, I did write (at last). Took me all day to do it. Feel undermotivated and deformed somehow. However, I will move forward especially after reading todays most excellent advice by Daniel Heath. Four pages a day will do it and I did more than that today. I feel like The Little Engine That Could

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