Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beginning a Quest for Spiritual Photography

I've got this idea for exploring photography. Instead of taking well-composed, analytical, by-the-book kind of shots, I'd like to see if I can make photos that reveal the mystical aspects of being. What I will do is wander around with my camera and take pictures at the spiritual opportune moment. I'm a little vague on this. Things should develop as I get into the process.

I'll be posting these images to my The Unplanned Eye blog. The original purpose of that blog was to capture the things I saw as I walked to and from work. I now work from home and the commute isn't quite what it used to be. I'm also no longer satisfied with the limitations of the phone camera. I inherited my daughter's lovely Canon camera at Christmas which does some wonderful things.

As I was taught years ago in a college basic photography course, I'll shoot some grey cards to find out what kind of color shift I get with the camera. Instead of painting an actual card, as I did then, I'll be printing out one. Changing out the camera's settings and using the built in filters ought to be a lot of fun. I've posted a snow picture here that came out much better than I expected, it was accidental in that I just opened up the back door and snapped it. I am astonished by the sharp texture of the snow and the lovely depth from all the blue shadows.

I hope I actually follow through on this. It seems like a nice idea.

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