Tuesday, August 31, 2010

echo emerged

listening to my top 14 songs
wanting to share them with you
you know nothing about my music
as i know nothing about yours
doesn't matter
i still want you

even though we barely know each other
having shared stories
never in that deep story-telling place
of the stories behind the stories

you listen so intently 
(and i love that about you)
as if you care

are you so polite to everyone?
does your hair tousle just for me?
is your smile just for me?
my smile is just for you
and why
i can't shut up
can't stop thinking about you
feeling you
planning what i'll say to you
next time we meet
even if it's not until after we die

as if that would stop us
you and i know ...
at least
you should know
having tried
severing ties to those who have moved on
and that not working

give up
give in
let us be

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