Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Broken Camera Jump Starts Novel Writing

A Beach of Barbados by Kathleen Bleach
I made a deal with my daughter. If she agreed to part with her beloved broken camera I would finish my novel by October 30th. She has sent in the camera. I have started to finish the novel.

I took at look at the novel a couple of days ago. It's a honking huge mess. There are bits that are really my internal dialogue, graphic insanity, timelines that wander, characters aimlessly doing stuff (although they do have internal integrity), and then there's that annoying gaping hole where the resolution should be. Perhaps I should mention the three religions, four planets, a political system, and one esoteric magical system I created. 

I gave myself permission to have 7 zero-word days. I've had 10 so far. Not looking good. However, writing this post has given me some impetus, so, maybe I will report here periodically to keep myself going. My original goal was 1300 words a day, so, I can still finish if I increase the daily word count. 

"Cosmic Control: The First Age" is an epic science fiction transformation story about an alien who saves the universe by simply becoming everything she was meant to be.

In case you're interested, my daughter bought a lovely Nikon which became the love of her life. She pampered it with lenses and other comfy accoutrements. On the last day of the warranty it died, flubbing an otherwise wonderful vacation to Barbados. Although she knew she should send it in, she couldn't bear to be parted from her dear camera. Hence the deal. Nikon has agreed to repair it free of charge.

Word Count Statistics
Goal: 70,000 words
Today's Total: 8,354
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