Saturday, November 27, 2010

Limping into the final lap

Writing a novel is as easy as getting a camel into a truck.
This year's NaNoWriMo novel has been nearly as difficult to write as the first one. And it has fallen apart. After a enough psychic messages and symbols to solve two or three Agatha Christie novels, I have abandoned any semblance of plan to pull in a dragon. The usual fare for NaNo novels is ninjas or monkeys or swedish pirates. And, it seems no matter how many words I write each day I am still about 4000 words behind. I can still get to 50,000 by midnight on the 30th if I write about 3000 words per day. Definitely achievable as I have written about 2500 per day for five of the last seven days. It's just not a lot of fun right now. I am driven mostly to finish, to get my word count up by any device. I hope, though, that the dragon will fit in and pull it all together and prove to be a stroke of genius and not a lame crutch.

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