Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm ahead ... for now. Or I was yesterday.

I reformatted the script as a comic book. (Very simple to do, thanks to Celtx.) It seems to work better that way. Apparently, I see better in "comic book" than I do in "movie." Probably comes from years of comic book reading as a teenager. I'm going to continue writing as a screenplay and then, hopefully, go back and work on the comic book version.

Primarily this reformatting means the scene descriptions get broken up into panels. When I do that, I can clearly see the panels and the angles and everything. When I see the story as a screenplay it's more like being in a dream with that omni-vision panoramic camera we all have in our heads. It feels good to think of the scenes as focused and properly arranged.

Experiencing a bit of resistance as the editor begins piping up with suggestions. I'm sure the editor has my best interest at heart, but I'm stuffing him back in the closet again. He can help out later. Like on May 1st.
"On a White Palfrey" is a fantasy story about an time-bending angelic quest interrupted by a man in love.
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