Monday, April 4, 2011

Screnzied! ... so far

Enora Undoni on Palfrey
I'm deeply thrilled that my screenplay script is quickly moving along. My strategy, to ignore the finer details of formating and to concentrate on story, is working. I'm able to write unimpeded – so far.

It helps that I have written (or attempted to write) four other scripts, one of which reached the goal of 100 pages. This makes it easier to select the correct line format (scene, character, etc.) on the fly. Having used Celtx for five years also helps.

I'm ignoring all the technical advice about how to write a screenplay, concentrating instead on Ann Lamott's idea of writing shitty first drafts, Robert McKee's idea of writing the story backwards (once I've discovered what it is by writing an entire script), and by following my own rules about creating a story by staying in it.

I refuse to think of the ultimate outcome for most scripts – to be produced. That's not my business now. My only job is to write the darn thing. All the rest is gravy. Or icing. Or maybe fudge.
"On a White Palfrey" is a fantasy story about an time-bending angelic quest interrupted by a man in love.
Word Count Statistics
Goal: 100 pages
Today's Total: 18 pages
Written Today: 6 pages

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