Saturday, December 10, 2011

Along the Road to the End ... of the Novel

No pirates are involved.
Yet another stopper/road block along the way to completed noveldom. I know what happens next. Yes, I have arrived at that point in the plot where the twistings and turnings have led to a rough ending. I could, if I chose, make more than one end—anyone with an imagination could. However, I have a favorite ending and I'll be writing that one, more or less.

This knowing—that I have things wrapped up and it's all done except for the scribbling and bibbling—is a stopper. Because I actually enjoy writing the story. Which is a little shocking when I look at my process and see all the effort that goes in to getting started.

That's deceiving, that effort. It leads me to believe I don't like writing when, in fact, I do which I confirm each time I start typing. I keep hoping one day sitting down to write will be effortless. Probably an unrealistic expectation. I thought that once I knew what would happen I would be drawn along and have a full day (or at least four to six hours) of mad writing to the exciting conclusion.

The excitement is at the beginning and middle. Not at the end. I like writing without knowing what's going to happen next. That's the adventure. That's the fun of it all.

I know I will write again. It's not like this is the last story I'll ever write. I am, however, attached to this story and want it to go on forever. At the same time, I'm eager for the story to end so I can wrap it up and let my friends read it. And perhaps get it published. And then have, like, a job or something.

So, back to writing. The whole 2k per day thing didn't work out as planned, so I am going with Plan B: writing to 70K. Let you know how that works out.
"Uncle Tauber's Trunk" A retired writer and a CIA profiler riddle out the secrets of the contents of an old German trunk.
Total Words Written: 61,519
Daily Word Count Goal: 2000
Words written today: 288 (so far)

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Elaine said...

Hit 2590 today. It's either 300 or 2500. There doesn't seem to be much in between.